POMEGRANATE FACTORY INTRODUCING ClassicNüR BY VIEW OUR PRODUCTS Nur Main Menu EXPLORE OUR MADE TO ORDER COLLECTION MENU MELOGRANO MENU NUR MENU ROMON MicroNuR Laid Melograno-Background MELOGRäNO SHOULDER BAG VIEW IN OUR STORE With its adjustable strap, MELOGRäNO Shoulder Bag easily transforms into a wristlet and brings a touch of elegance to both casual and formal attire. The bag zips upside-down to prevent unwanted access to your belongings. BACK TO OVERVIEW Nur With Flowers Background ClassicNüR COLLECTION BACK TO OVERVIEW An iconic Pomegranate Factory design, ClassicNüR combines elegance and timelessness. Its recognizable features and rich colours bring understated elegance to both casual and evening attire. VIEW IN OUR STORE RIMON RIMöN BACKPACK BACK TO OVERVIEW Casual yet dressy, RIMöN Backpack will fit everything you’d ever need to take with you on a short trip or a daily commute, making it a perfect city bag. This eye-catching design combines durable cotton canvas and full grain leather to withstand daily use, while keeping the bag sleek and stylish with our signature Pomegranate silhouette. VIEW IN OUR STORE MicroNur-Back MicroNüR KEY POUCH VIEW IN OUR STORE This practical pouch holds your keys and slips easily into a bag or pocket. With a detachable hanger, MicroNÜR easily transforms into a coin purse. BACK TO OVERVIEW Arturo Portrait - Land MEET THE DESIGNER CONTACT US Hi, my name is Arturo Razgoev, I am the founder and designer of Pomegranate Factory in Toronto, Canada.

When I was a child, growing up on the shores of the Black Sea, we had a family friend, a cobbler, who was making and mending shoes for living. Every now and then I stayed with him and helped around his shop to keep myself occupied while my mom and dad were busy making money to support our family. This is where I first observed the process of leathercraft and soaked-in that fantastic smell of glue.

Years after we moved to Canada I decided to give the leather-crafting a go. Armed with my childhood memories, creative mind, and vast background in visual Arts I established Pomegranate Factory and began the journey.
Arturo Portrait - Land
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